This year’s summer school is a collaboration by the European Shakuhachi Society and the Finnish Shakuhachi Association as well as a number of individuals who have come together to offer their help and support throughout all stages of planning and organising the summer school.

If you have any questions about the summer school or any issues with booking or finding information, please contact us below:

European Shakuhachi Society


Contact us for any inquiries about the Summer School, the fees, teachers, schedule, booking, or related to the ESS or Summer Schools in general.

Suomen shakuhachiyhdistys


The Finnish Shakuhachi Association, our collaborators for this years’ Summer School.

Friendship Inn


Contact the Friendship Inn directly if you have any questions about allergies, camping, accessibility, the surroundings, facilities, the rooms and so on.

European Shakuhachi Society

The European Shakuhachi Society (ESS) is a non-profit association based in France and operating across the EU. Our aim is to create an environment where many of the different schools and styles of shakuhachi playing can be explored and their differences celebrated – no matter whichever approach to the instrument one chooses to take.

We function as an umbrella organisation for other shakuhachi groups in Europe and we aim to facilitate a space where players can meet across ryūha (schools) and physical borders and the various shakuhachi groups across Europe can come together.

Each year we organise a number of online workshops, events, and gatherings, and committ ourselves to organise a Summer School in a different European country each summer, to bring together shakuhachi enthusiasts and learn and play together.

Learn more about the ESS and how to become a member