Meet the Teachers

We are excited to announce a great line-up of teachers for this year’s Summer School. Our experienced teachers will guide you through four days of workshops, concerts, and social events in beautiful Finland. Whether you’re a seasoned shakuhachi player or just starting out, our teachers will provide a range of workshops aimed at all levels, introducing you to new schools or developing your existing repertoire and skills.

  • Tani Yasunori

    Tani Yasunori

    Tani Yasunori (谷 保範) is Dai-shihan of the Ueda-ryu School and a representative of the school’s Iemoto and head of Senzan-kai.


  • Riley Lee

    Riley Lee

    Riley Lee is a shakuhachi teacher based in Australia. He became the first non-Japanese to attain the title of dai-shihan (Grand Master). He will be teaching KSK and Chikuho-ryu pieces.


  • Gunnar Jinmei Linder

    Gunnar Jinmei Linder

    Gunnar Jinmei Linder began shakuhachi in Japan in 1985, studying with Yamaguchi Gorō. He now performs and teaches regularly throughout Europe.


  • Kiku Day

    Kiku Day

    Kiku Day is a shakuhachi player and ethnomusicologist from Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied honkyoku with Atsuya Okuda and has performed old and new pieces in major venues across the world. She is a founding member of the European Shakuhachi Society.


  • Hélène Seiyu Codjo

    Hélène Seiyu Codjo

    Hélène Seiyu is a shakuhachi teacher and performer (Dai Shihan) from the Hijiri-Kai school, based in the Netherlands.


  • Emmanuelle Rouaud

    Emmanuelle Rouaud

    Emmanuelle Rouaud is a French musician specialising in shakuhachi, silver flute and baroque flute, and a board member of the European Shakuhachu Society.


  • Thorsten Knaub

    Thorsten Knaub

    Thorsten Knaub is an artist, digital filmmaker and shakuhachi player and maker based in London and Paris. He is chair of the European Shakuhachi Society.


Finnish Shakuhachi Association

  • Aaro Havisto

    Aaro Havisto

    Aaro Haavisto is a shakuhachi player and maker based in Finland, studying with Yasunori Tani. He will be teaching Kinko-ryu and Ueda-ryu pieces.


  • Otto Eskelinen

    Otto Eskelinen

    Otto Eskelinen is a Finnish woodwind player and composer, playing the shakuhachi. He is studying with Kiku Day and Gunnar Jinmei Linder.


  • Sakari Heikka

    Sakari Heikka

    Sakari Heikka is a Finnish musician, composer, and music pedagogue, and has studied with Gunnar Jinmei Linder, Mizuno Kohmei, Riley Lee, Akihito Obama and Akiki Fujimoto.


  • Sangen Salo

    Sangen Salo

    Sangen Salo sensei (born in 1967) is a Zen Buddhist priest and teacher, who was ordained in 2014 and received a teacher license in 2018. He lives and teaches at Sanneji zen meditation retreat, Finland.


Special Guests

  • Marty Regan

    Marty Regan

    The ESS commissioned Marty to compose a new group work that will be premiered at the Summer School. Marty is an established composer and Professor at Texas A&M University, writing for traditional Japanese instruments.


  • Naoko Kikuchi

    Naoko Kikuchi

    Naoko Kikuchi learned to play the koto from her mother and grandmother in her early childhood. She was also taught by Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai. She will lead workshops teaching traditional sankyoku.