Tani Yasunori (谷 保範) is dai-shihan of the Ueda-ryu School of Shakuhachi and a representative of the school’s Iemoto (daihyō Iemoto) and head of Senzan-kai.

From an early age, Tani Yasunori was taught the shakuhachi by his father, the second generation Tani Senzan II. From the age of 15, he studied the Kinko-ryu shakuhachi with Ichijo Kobayashi and Living National Treasure Aoki Reibo, and from the age of 28, studied classical honkyoku with a focus on Kaido Dokyoku with the Reverend Toshimitsu Ishikawa. He performs on stage and at school performances mainly in the Kansai region. He appeared on NHK Japanese perfomrative arts program. Dai-shihan of the Ueda-ryu Shakuhachi school, a representative of the Iemoto and president of the Senzan-kai.

In 2008, he won the Excellence Award at the 14th Hasagaya Kengyo Memorial Kumamoto National Japanese Music Competition (1st place in the Shakuhachi/Flute music category). In 2011, he won the Encouragement Award at the 14th Kumamoto National Japanese Music Competition. Passed the Japan Traditional Culture Promotion Foundation Japanese Music Skills Audition and released a CD in December of the same year. Passed the 2012 NHK Japanese music audition. Received the Osaka Cultural Festival Encouragement Award in 2013. Received the 2019 Osaka Cultural Festival Encouragement Award (as a member of the Classical Honkyoku Group).